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New for the Chelsea Flower Show 2018

The beautiful stage of the Chelsea Flower Show in the grounds of Royal Hospital is always a fabulous opportunity to introduce some exciting developments to our planter range. This year was no exception. Here are a few of the new design details we were so pleased to be able to showcase.

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The Minimal range is a sleek structure configured from varying widths of vertical aluminium panels, this year we introduced the juxtaposition of matt and semi-gloss panels which were punctuated with copper accent panels. The results are stunning and are reinforced by the structural integrity of the twin wall insulated structure.

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Introducing our new square panel trim, an alternative to our original aluminium trim which replicates fine timber mouldings, the square section has enabled us to create a range of new panel designs, an example of which is this low profile cross detail. We also have some fabulous Art Deco designs in production so more details to come...

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Another example of the square trim enabling greater detailing within, in this instance a 10mm square brass section stepped into the trim to further frame the panel. The planter is capped by our new aluminium extruded section that gives a very durable, sleek alternative to the traditional lead flat top detail.

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A Mini RS version of our classic Versailles planter, sporting brushed brass acorn finials and 22ct moon gold leaf fixings. Available with the inner pot system or lined and insulated, each side panel is removable so roots can be pruned, particularly useful when conventionally planted in the larger models.

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A taller, skinnier Minimal planter with studs finished in a pearlescent champagne grey powder coated finish. Like the bronze flat top Mini RS below, the introduction of powder coating has given us the opportunity to play around with a much wider range of finishes starting with the gorgeous depth of metallics.

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If you are inspired by any of the new designs please do get in touch. Our website is just a starting point, choosing different elements from across the range means that we can deliver a design that is unique to your requirements.

And for everyone that complimented us on the presentation of our stand and asked for a copy of the plant list here it is and thank you!

Chelsea Flower Show Plant List 2018

Davidia involucrata

Buxus sempervirens

Taxus baccata

Viburnum plicatum ‘Summer Snowflake’

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’

Salvia nemoros ‘Caradonna’

Digitalis purpurea ‘Lucas white’

Centranthus ruber coccineus

Alchemilla mollis

Stipa tenuissima

Dryopteris affinis ‘Cristata the King’

Polystichum setiferum

Arachnoides aristata ‘Variegata’