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New for old

Since Squareroot launched in 2007 we have discovered all manner of reasons why our clients have sourced planters for their outdoor space. Some were out of necessity, some whimsy…but all held the belief that the addition of containers would positively enhance their house and garden; and it has been a joy to witness these transformations!

Squareroot Planters has delivered beautiful and practical solutions to a diverse number of projects ranging from country estates to roof terraces and balconies.

Here is just one example where a totally tailored solution saved the day.

Replacing the old wooden Versailles planters that had graced the grounds of Bramham Park for many years became a pressing issue as they fell into a sorry state of collapse.

Bramham Park old wooden planters showing classic deterioration of wood and steel straps

The family wanted to maintain the classic Versailles style and replace like for like, but with one considerable difference; they never wanted to see their latest acquisitions rotten and falling apart. This was something we were very happy to guarantee would not happen with our aluminium Versailles planters. Dimensions were supplied so that the planters could sit on the exact same footprint as the originals and a wet sample of the Bramham blue/green paint, apparently a hand mixed colour of their own creation, to which we were to match. Once drawings were approved and paint recipe received it was full steam ahead with production.

Drawing of bespoke tall No.9 Versailles planter with detachable panel for ease of seasonal tree removal

Another huge benefit to the Estate's Head Gardener and his team were the interchangeable inner containers, it meant that all the potting up could take place away from the display area with the finished pots brought to site and simply dropped into position. Hey presto, no mess and no clearing up! The first plantings were a dreamy combination of tall pink standard roses surrounded by lavender. Again the practicality of the inner pots meant that soil type and feeding could be specific to each plant and that, as the seasons changed, the pots could  be removed and over wintered when Autumn pots took their place.

Bespoke No.9 Versailles planter with detachable panel, 100% aluminium body, stainless steel fixings, brass finials